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歌曲名:Keep Me In Mind 歌手:Peggy Lee 专辑:The Complete Recordings 1941-1947 1 . 2 . 3. Zac Brown Band - Keep Me In Mind This is gonna be funky How come all the pretty girls like you are taken baby I've been looking for someone...

Keep Me In MindGatti, Ketchell, Santoriello) For them times, I used to hold you. For the times, I kept you from the cold Won't you please, consider my love one time. Won't you please keep me in mind. For when the world plays yo...

keep in mind 记住,背下来,记在心里

keep sth in mind这是“牢记某事”的正确表达短语,sth是个名词。keep in mind sth表示牢记某事情,短语keep in mind后面接的sth一般用从句表示这件事。 keep in mind 英[ki:p in maind] 美[kip ɪn maɪnd] [词典] 记住; 怀; 挂心; 志; [...

keep sth in mind 这个sth是个名词 这是正确的用法 You should keep in mind that your parents love you most. 这里是用that接了一个从句哦 如有不懂请追问,如满意请采纳,谢谢。

勿忘我 逐词翻译就是,请,(一直)让我,我,在,你,心理

keep in mind 强调别忘,尤其很重要,或有意义的规则、信念、真理、建议。 如: keep in mind "Always serve our people" 。 learn by heart 或 leart sth by heart 指学习方法上用记忆、背诵来记住知识。 如 You must learn the word by heart ...

keep on mind 有继续精神的意思还有挂念的意思 Keep in mind 牢记,谨记

keep it in mind that 让它铭记于心 双语例句 1 We should keep it in mind that getting up early is good for health. 我们应该记住早起对健康有益处。 2 I also hope all of you to keep it in mind that friendship comes first, safety com...

in mind是固定短语,不加s,其意思:记住,考虑到,想到;在心里;头脑中;时刻记住

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