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歌曲名:Keep Me In Mind 歌手:Peggy Lee 专辑:The Complete Recordings 1941-1947 1 . 2 . 3. Zac Brown Band - Keep Me In Mind This is gonna be funky How come all the pretty girls like you are taken baby I've been looking for someone...

keep in mind 记住,背下来,记在心里

keep sth in mind这是“牢记某事”的正确表达短语,sth是个名词。keep in mind sth表示牢记某事情,短语keep in mind后面接的sth一般用从句表示这件事。 keep in mind 英[ki:p in maind] 美[kip ɪn maɪnd] [词典] 记住; 怀; 挂心; 志; [...

勿忘我 逐词翻译就是,请,(一直)让我,我,在,你,心理

Keep Me In MindGatti, Ketchell, Santoriello) For them times, I used to hold you. For the times, I kept you from the cold Won't you please, consider my love one time. Won't you please keep me in mind. For when the world plays yo...

keep sth in mind 这个sth是个名词 这是正确的用法 You should keep in mind that your parents love you most. 这里是用that接了一个从句哦 如有不懂请追问,如满意请采纳,谢谢。

一、keep (sb./sth.) in mind If the time would stop, I would keep you in my mind. 假如能让此刻停留,我会把你的爱收入我的心中。 Either one can be used to make a successful website layout, as long as you keepusability in mind. 其...

keep sth. in mind 这是本短语的标准用法; 当sth.指代内容过长,或者是that从句时,就后置,典型的就是keep in mind that...(意即此时是没有it的) 举个例子应该就清楚了: Keep in mind that you should turn off the light when you leave. ...

keep on mind 有继续精神的意思还有挂念的意思 Keep in mind 牢记,谨记

I will keep you in my mind 我将会记住你

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