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give away 泄露; 失去; 赠送; (在婚礼仪式中)将新娘交给新郎 网 络 赠送;泄露;分发;捐赠 give out 分发; 公布; 停止运行; 停止起作用

give away 放弃;泄露;分发;出卖 give away to 泄露,告发;赠送;被取代 give away是泄露和出卖的意思,而give away to多指屈服于,捐赠 例句: 1. Why do you think it is so hard for people to give away control? 为什么你认为对人们来说...

give sb away 暴露(自己的真实情况或身份);出卖 give sth away to sb 赠送某人某物

give up 放弃,表示“戒”烟等也可以用。 eg. I give up; tell me what the answer is. You ought to give up smoking; I gave it up last year. give away 舍弃,出卖,泄露,正式婚礼中新娘的父亲把新娘交送给新郎。 eg. He decide to give away...

give away 英[ɡiv əˈwei]美[ɡɪv əˈwe] 释义:赠送; 泄露; 失去; (在婚礼仪式中)将新娘交给新郎 网络:捐赠; 分发; 泄密 give out 英[ɡiv aut]美[ɡɪv aʊt] 释义:分发; 公布; 停止运行; 停止起作用 网络:...

give away ['givə,wei] 基本翻译 放弃;泄露;分发;出卖 网络释义 give away:泄露 | 赠送 | 分发 1. PHRASAL VERBIf you give away something that you own, you give it to someone, rather than selling it, often because you no longe...


give away to...= compliment away to;donate;give as a present/gift to;bestow on

give away 赠送; 赠予; 颁发;分发 She decided to give these old clothes away 她决定把这些旧衣服送给别人 give out 耗尽; 用完 He plans to stay there until his money gives out. 他计划在那里待到钱花完为止 give off 发出; 放出; 散发出;...

give off 放出(光芒等) give to 把什么给谁 give away 分发,把什么东西发下去。也有泄密的意思。 give up 某种程度上具有stop的含义,就是放弃,停止的意思。这句话的意思是人类永远不应该为了发展自己放弃保护自然。从句意分析该用give up。

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