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Drinking wAtEr pump

它们都是 形容词 做状语,表示伴随状态或者结果等。

The shortage of drinking water has becoming a serious problem in many parts of our country. As a student, we should save water in our everyday life ...


小题1:B小题2:C小题3:D小题4:A小题5:B 小题1:根据文章内容Hannan, an 18-year-girl, 可知答案为B小题2:根据文章内容 Because of the water shortage (短缺), the Yemen government often cuts the water supply (供应)可知答案为C小题3:根据文...

drink water 短语 drink some water 喝些水 ; 喝一些水 ; 喝水 ; 喝点水吧 Drink of Water 喝水 I drink some water 我喝点水 ; 我想喝一些水...

He was certainly well ahead of his time and in the interests of hygiene he commanded that all drinking water should be boiled. While on a visit to ...

1-ed一般是表示完成:boiled water(煮沸的水,即开水),developed country(发达国家) -ing一般表示状态、功能用途:boiling water(沸腾着的水),developing country(发展中国家) drinking water 的 drinking是表示“可饮用的”吧。 2-ed 表示主...

complimentary drinking water 免费饮用水 请采纳


I want to drink water 我想喝水 双语例句 1 The sound of water hammering on the metal roof 雨水敲打金属屋顶发出的声响 2 A trio of children playing along the water's edge 3个在水边玩耍的孩子

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