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Drinking wAtEr pump

He was certainly well ahead of his time and in the interests of hygiene he commanded that all drinking water should be boiled. While on a visit to ...

The shortage of drinking water has becoming a serious problem in many parts of our country. As a student, we should save water in our everyday life ...

we will drink water every day,we will wash our face,brush our teeth and wash our clothes with water..we also wash vegetables,wash our feet beifore going to bed, we shall have a shower or bath with water. we can never live witho...

1-ed一般是表示完成:boiled water(煮沸的水,即开水),developed country(发达国家) -ing一般表示状态、功能用途:boiling water(沸腾着的水),developing country(发展中国家) drinking water 的 drinking是表示“可饮用的”吧。 2-ed 表示主...

原句 she is drinking water. 一般疑问句 Is she drinking water ?

complimentary drinking water 免费饮用水 请采纳

主谓宾 he主语 谓is drinking 宾 water

I'm putting my hands on my head and drinking water 我把我的手放在我的头上并饮水 双语对照 例句: 1. I put brian's shorts on my head and his runners on my hands. 我把布赖恩的短裤套在我的头上,把他的跑鞋套在手上。 2. I had walked m...



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