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can't let go 放不开;不能放手 例句 1.He can't let go his heart to appear under collapsing dangerous. 他舍不得让他的心暴露在崩坏的危险下。 2.Never say that you don't love that person when you can't let go. 当你不能忘怀一个人时,...

00:00.00]吴若希 - Can't Let You Go [00:02.17] [00:03.52]作曲:David Mann [00:04.72]填词:David Mann [00:06.12]编曲:韦景云 [00:07.14]监制:韦景云 [00:08.57] [00:14.90]曾装作听不到 [00:17.64]惯了糟蹋对我好的人 [00:20.59]其实明白...

歌曲: God Only Knows 歌手: James 专辑: 《Gold Mother》 复制歌词 下载LRC歌词 God only knows 歌:ELISA 作词:西田恵美 编曲:前口渉 TVアニメ「神のみぞ知るセカイ」OP 【第一幕Chapter1】作曲:M.C.E What I'm seeing......Is it real? What I...

ti:Can't Let you Go]对你无法放手 [ar:罗百吉] [al:爱超速] [by:http://www.feiyes.net] [offset:500] [00:01.26]Can't Let You Go [00:07.98]---罗百吉--- [00:22.04]I never knew I meet a girl like you不曾想能遇到你这样的女孩 [00:26.18]...

OneRepublic - Love Runs Out

无法释怀 不舍得 We have stayed together for 3 years. We cant let each other go. We are good friends. 我在呆在一起三年,我们都很舍不得对方,我们都是好朋友。 I am sad because I still cant let it go and am still trying to find exc...

can not let go 就是放不下 丢不掉的意思,,祝好运

我一直唱到高潮部分才想起来名字 真囧 You Are My Everything - Lexington Bridge

에픽하이 ---1분 1초( feat. 타루) Epik High---1分1秒

we can tlet the bad fox in 翻译 我们可以让那 fox 英 [fɒks] 美 [fɑks] n. 狐狸;狡猾的人 vt. 欺骗;使变酸 vi. 假装;耍狡猾手段 n. (Fox)人名;(英、法、德、意、西、瑞典)福克斯

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