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D 本题考查动词辨析和时态。become作系动词,表示“变成”,其后的单数可数名词前要加a或an.而turn表示“变成”,其后的单数可数名词前不加a或an.再结合后面的drives well可只要用与现在有关的时态。

e have been again To ask for them, Never give them Return what, I think we

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你找这个做什么咯 ~~~~~~~可以去问写歌词的人 呵呵

都是grandmother的简写,两个都不是正式的用法,granny[5^rAnI]n.老奶奶; 祖母; 外婆;grandma[5^rAnmB:, 5^rAndmB:]n.(口语)奶奶,外婆。区别就是grandma用的更多一点,而且granny不但能只你的亲戚还能指其他老奶奶~

不可能 能听到马达的声音么? 电池没电了吧? 是胶卷问题 granny60 | 发布于2012-01-03 14:24 评论 为您推荐:其他类似问题2016-01-23 拍立得拍出的照片能...

Distant blessing People: Grandpa: more than 60 years: Granny: 60 years old, Daughters: 32-year-old play Daughter in law: 30 years old ...

Likes A Knights Tale and Gone In 60 SecondsHandedness: Right (Writing), Left ((ice-)Hockey)Ideal Dinner Companion: "Girlfriend, girlfriend and ...

In Hoodwinked, when Wolf and Twitchy are trying to figure out how to get to Granny's houseto intercept Red Puckett, Boingo shows up, asking if the. For the last 18 months, Apple Maps has been sending iPhone wielding skiers to a...

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